Louis A. Poulin

Mr. Poulin is President and Chief Technology Officer of GRafP Technologies Inc. where he has been involved in assessing the capability of software development organizations, and in developing risk assessment methodologies and risk management applications. He holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering Physics, a certificate in Naval Engineering and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in the military, industrial and public sectors where he held various management positions. Over the past few years, Mr. Poulin has been involved in risk modeling and probabilistic risk assessment in human-intensive initiatives, where the use of traditional risk management techniques is limited. Prior to his active involvement in software engineering, Mr. Poulin served in the Canadian Navy as a Combat Systems Engineering Officer. He is a member of IEEE and a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Marjorie Raynor

Ms. Raynor is Secretary-Treasurer of GRafP Technologies and holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. Ms. Raynor has been involved in the R&D support, administration and financial aspects of GRafP Technologies since the firm was established. She worked for several years in structural design and mechanical engineering in the shipbuilding industry, and was involved in software integration testing of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Command and Control System. Ms. Raynor is also an R&D Consultant and, in addition to her current responsibilities, provides consulting services and prepares technical science reports in support of R&D tax credit claims of companies undertaking projects that include research and development activities.