Do you need to monitor risks facing a strategic initiative and take appropriate action to prevent these risks from materializing?

Investing in technology companies can bring high rewards as well as dismal losses. Predicting future performance based on past achievements can be misleading. dBase III+, developed by Ashton-Tate, was among the best-selling software titles in the late 80s. Yet, dBase IV, its successor, was a big disappointment, and Ashton-Tate lost most of its market share to competitors.

Other examples abound.

Alternatively, opportunities offering the potential of high returns can be missed because past performance results are not available or are incomplete, which forces investors to turn them down or to take a gamble.

A risk rating with PRC Samurai analyzes risk inherent in initiatives calling on engineering and technical development.

Find out how an IT Risk Rating with PRC Samurai can provide you with the information you need to take advantage of promising opportunities, while providing early detection and warning of decreased performance.