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Version 1.3 (3 days)

This three-day course introduces the participant to the CMMI concepts for both its staged and continuous representation. The CMMI supports enterprise-wide improvements through an integration of best practices for organizations involved in developing products and services relying on technology, and is fast becoming the new international de facto standard.

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for Intermediate Concepts of CMMI, SCAMPISM Lead Appraiser Training, and CMMI Instructor Training.

Participants receive the "CMMI: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement (3nd Edition)" by Mary Beth Chrissis, Mike Konrad, and Sandy Shrum, and "Reducing Risk with Software Process Improvement" by Louis A. Poulin.

Unlike other providers, we adjust our rates as a function of the number of participants. And if you prefer on-site training, it is even cheaper.


   Convey the importance of having defined processes in an organization developing products and services relying on technology
   Describe the rationale behind process improvement
     Explain the architecture of the CMMI (capability levels, maturity levels, process areas, goals, and generic practices)
   Provide sufficient understanding of CMMI components to function as a CMMI-Based Appraisal team member
   Apply the CMMI principles to improve quality and performance
Course Content Summary
   Process Improvement Concepts and CMMI
   Overview of CMMI Model Components
     Model Representations and Institutionalization
   Product Development
   Managing the Project
   Project and Organizational Support
   Improvement Infrastructure
   Managing Quantitatively

Who could benefit from this course?

   Systems and Software Engineering Managers and Practitioners
   Appraisal Team Members and Auditors
   Systems and Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG/EPG)  Members
   Consultants in the fields of engineering development, and in the fields of process and quality improvement
This course is fully accredited by CMU/CMMI Institute through GRafP Technologies agreement with a CMMI Institute-licensed provider for the training.

Participants who attend the full 3-day training are registered in the CMMI Institute database and are eligible to receive 2.5 CEUs from Carnegie Mellon University.
GRafP also offers a popular 2-day CMMI course for organizations wishing to train larger numbers of individuals on the CMMI at a lower cost.
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