Partner Affiliation


CMMI Institute

Since 1984, the Carnegie Mellon® Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has served the nation as a federally funded research and development center. CMMI work was transferred over to the CMMI Institute in 2012. The CMMI Institute staff has developed advanced software engineering principles and practices and has served as a national resource in software engineering and process improvement. As part of ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association that advocates for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management and governance, the CMMI Institute operates at the leading edge of technical innovation.
The CMMI Institute advances software engineering and related disciplines to ensure the development and operation of systems with predictable and improved cost, schedule, and quality.
GRafP is a CMMI Institute-Approved Partner to provide CMMI training and to conduct CMMI appraisals up to an including Maturity Level 5.

GT Consulting

GRafP Technologies has negotiated a cooperation agreement with GT Consulting in South America to provide consulting services in process improvement, risk management and quality engineering. GT Consulting has been involved with the Colombian government to help Colombian software industry achieve world recognition using the CMMI, among other models and standards, and efficiently compete on the world stage. Success stories include PSL, Heinsohn Business Technology, MVM Ingeniería and Intergrupo, which all achieve Maturity Level 5 in the development of software applications.


ATIX, located in Lima, Peru, specializes in researching the latest trends, models and technologies to create innovative products and services that help IT companies succeed. One of its specialties consists of providing consulting services to small businesses, based on international standard ISO/IEC 29110, to improve their chances of getting contracts with larger entities.

LogiQual Inc

LogiQual inc. was founded the 17th day of June, 1995 by François Ouellette after more than 20 years in the Quality Assurance and Information Technology fields for the National Defence, Federal Public Service and Private sectors.


Consulting, training and appraisal services in process improvement for system and software development, based on CMMI® model as well Appraisal expertise in safety related software development processes (based on IEC 61508.3 or CEN 50128 standards).


Since 1985, PSL provides best-in-class IT services for companies worldwide. Our Company specializes in the development of customized business software through offshore outsourcing, as well as ERP solutions of excellent performance and price.
PSL belongs to a highly select group of 8 companies worldwide currently assessed at SEI CMMI level 5 (together with Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Wipro, Infosys, Infotech, SSI Technologies and Larsen).

Quality Management Systems (QMS) Inc., Sam Weissfelner

With more than 20 years of experience in Quality Management for Software and High Technology companies in the Aerospace (AS9100), Defense (ISO 9000), and Telecom (TL 9000) fields, Sam Weissfelner brings GRafP clients his proven expertise.

Sam's expertise lies in the areas of process-based quality system training, development, and auditing, program management, quality management, and process improvement. Sam specializes in offering clients a practical understanding and application of Quality, having audited and implemented and trained hundreds of organizations to achieve successful registration.

Primvis Inc., H. Syed Niaz

H. Syed Niaz is a technology management professional with 18+ years of experience in the areas of Systems Engineering & Solutions, IT Security, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement, Project Management, Quantitative Risk Assessments, Audits, Strategic Plans, Functional and Financial Analysis. He has chaired numerous standards committees and technical conferences. Syed is an authorized instructor of Intro to CMMI course from SEI - Carnegie Mellon University. He is also an internal ISO auditor, 6-Sigma – Green Belt; and pursuing for Black Belt.