Web-Based Risk Management Solutions

is now being marketed under the commercial name of PRC Samurai. PRC stands for best Practices, Risk management, and Compliance. The word 'Samurai' is symbolic as it comes from the ancient Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'. GRafP makes every effort to properly serve its clients.Visitors to this webpage should view the PRC Samurai Website to get the very latest on GRafP software solutions.

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X:PRIMER is GRafP Technologies Web-based product line for predicting what can go wrong, identifying the root causes of potential failures and recommending the best countermeasures. At the click of a mouse, X:PRIMER analyzes hundreds of thousands of relationships that are usually left to luck (or fate) to translate into success (or to deteriorate into crises).

With X:PRIMER, you can make an inventory of what can go wrong and identify the means you have and resources you need in order to succeed and to make your business grow. X:PRIMER will then tell you the chances you have of experiencing serious problems, what these problems are, and what actions should be taken. X:PRIMER-based solutions can be tailored to a variety of risk critical applications including:

Software Development
Environmental Disaster Prevention
Information Security
Business and Financial Risk Modeling
Crime Prevention
Personal Capability Improvement
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