best Practices, Risk management, and Compliance

[The word 'samurai' is derived from the ancient Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'.]

The increase in initiatives undertaken by organizations to address industry best practices, international standards, risk management practices and compliance requirements has heightened the focus on integrating all of these components under a single framework. In the past, it was customary to approach best practices implementation, risk management, government regulations, and compliance via targeted solutions to address the requirements of each new wave of standards, models or regulatory requirements. Today, organizations have come to the realization that they can no longer proceed via a fragmented approach as it leads to inefficiencies, added costs and an inability to maintain compliance initiatives and make informed and accurate decisions.

GRafP offers a more effective, proven approach to optimizing implementation of best practices, risk management and compliance of business processes with business objectives through its PRC Samurai solution. This comprehensive solution provides unique profiles for each user group, a central data repository, advanced functionality and reporting across various disciplines.

Through client/server and web interfaces, PRC Samurai provides a consolidated rating of an organization in terms of the risks it faces, which enables stakeholders to immediately reduce the cost and complexity of monitoring and managing multiple corporate compliance and risk management programs, centralize issues, and provide greater oversight and quality assurance to management.

PRC Samurai is an instantiation of the X:PRIME methodology and the X:PRIMER tool suite, and has been specifically designed for IT Risk Rating.

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