Even though PRC Samurai has specifically been designed for IT Risk Rating, it can also be used in an Internal Audits and Quality Assurance application.

With an increasing focus on compliance, internal auditing and quality assurance departments face mounting pressure and heavier workloads in providing support to oversight activities and quality assurance* activities. Many of these departments continue to use manual processes, despite increased workloads.

GRafP Technologies has now incorporated the latest functionality for conducting audits and quality assurance activities into PRC Samurai. We can help you conduct and simplify internal audits and quality assurance activities.

This service will contribute in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the entire internal audit and quality assurance process in your organization, including administration, verification of internal practices and risks, and report generation.

*Quality Assurance in this context is a planned and systemic means of assuring management that standards, practices, procedures, and methods are adequately being applied within the organization.

[The word 'samurai' is derived from the ancient Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'.]

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