GRafP Technologies provides services to help organizations model and assess their processes and optimize their operations. Organizations worldwide are benefiting from GRafP's services.

GRafP Technologies' services help:

  • Managers efficiently monitor the risks facing their strategic initiatives and take appropriate action to prevent these risks from materializing;
  • Process Specialists conduct Appraisals to identify where quality and productivity can be increased;
  • Auditors collect and analyze the information that will help them fulfill their verification responsibilities;
  • Investment Analysts assess the risk of investing in ventures, manage their investment portfolios and negotiate fair conditions with their clients.

An organization is then in a better position to gain a precise understanding of its processes, an essential component of the corporate knowledge base which will constitute the success factor of the enterprises and organizations of the 21st century.

GRafP has a team of highly experienced professionals who provide practical assistance in modeling complex risk issues. From our PRC Samurai solution derived from the X:PRIME methodology and X:PRIMER product suite, we can develop a custom-made service for you, and modify it as the situation evolves.