GRafP Technologies is seeking qualified individuals to become Partners for providing IT Risk Rating services.

IT Risk Rating Service Providers will be in the forefront of providing critical information to investors to maximize their financial gains, and to organizations seeking investment to maximize their chances of getting the investment they need.

The X:PRIME methodology and the X:PRIMER suite, from which PRC Samurai is instantiated, have been designed to provide benchmark quality ratings relative to the models best suited to a given business domain. If no models exist, PRC Samurai includes a model editor to create new models from scratch that take into account clients' business environment. Therefore, users have the possibility of applying PRC Samurai in fields other than Information Technology. The model editor essentially makes it an easy task to specify how a given entity should operate, such that its actual performance can be assessed to minimize mishaps and maximize efficiency.


Apply to become a GRafP Technologies Partner for IT Risk Rating by requesting more information, indicating in the Comments field your interest in becoming a Service Provider. Someone from GRafP Technologies will contact you to discuss your application.

Recommended prerequisites to provide IT Risk Rating services include:

  • Consulting experience in the area of Information Technology;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • Knowledge of processes required to develop products and to deploy services in the IT field;
  • Ability to interact with management and technical people;
  • Good technical and instructional presentation skills;
  • Knowledge of group facilitation and team building techniques.