Even though PRC Samurai has specifically been designed for IT Risk Rating, it can also be used in a Best Practices and Compliance application.

Organizations around the world struggle to comply with industry best practices, international standards, and compliance regulations in areas such as information technology, health and safety, securities, money laundering, and anti-terrorism. Traditional approaches to satisfying industry best practices, international standards, and compliance regulations have relied on specialist silos to cope with each new wave of requirements. Each specialist group approaches their responsibilities with similar but different terminology and with varying data capture, storage and analysis methods, creating a fragmented approach that is both expensive and extremely burdensome to maintain.

Powered by a model editor and central repository of industry best practices, international standards, and compliance regulations, services associated with Best Practices & Compliance can also be provided with the help of PRC Samurai using proprietary models, and public models and standards (e.g. ISO, CMMI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II). As many model components as required can be integrated for you in order to create a solution tailored to your specific requirements, helping to establish a sustainable control environment.

We can help you maintain a single repository to document, capture and organize information related to relevant best practices, standards, and compliance regulations. This will help your organization integrate published best practices, standards and compliance regulations with internal policies, processes, procedures and internal compliance activities.

This service will contribute in reducing the cost and complexity of monitoring and managing multiple corporate compliance programs, centralizing issues, and providing greater oversight and quality assurance to management.

[The word 'samurai' is derived from the ancient Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'.]

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