This is the application for which PRC Samurai has specifically been designed.

How many of your projects and initiatives failed or were abandoned in the past year? What is the financial risk exposure of each project undertaken in your organization? How much is it worth for you to know in advance which projects and initiatives would fail or how to prevent them from failing?

With the help of PRC Samurai, we can provide you that information. If you are an investor, we can tell you, from a technological development and management viewpoint, what initiatives constitute a good investment. If your organization has undertaken these initiatives, we can provide you with an independent assessment of where you stand in order to align risk with strategic objectives. And if you need external investment in order to start or complete specific initiatives, a Risk Rating will contribute to providing arguments that will attract the needed investment. With PRC Samurai, we will identify for you the risks a project or initiative faces, map those risks to specific remedial actions, and evaluate your chances of a successful delivery. This, in turn, will help you establish the strategic directions needed to mitigate the occurrence of undesirable outcomes. The financial risk exposure, on the other hand, will give you an indication of how much you should invest in mitigating these risks.

The rating provided by PRC Samurai is an easily identifiable symbol, which indicates the level of risk to which a particular project or initiative is exposed. This symbol allows a project, or initiative to be judged on a single, objective standard. To be AAA is to be exclusive.

      AAA Excellent
      AA Very Good
      A Good
      BBB Average
      BB Mediocre
      B Poor
      C Not Recommendable

For over a decade, mid-market enterprises and large organizations have relied on GRafP's risk ratings as a gating process to fund (or not to fund) projects and initiatives, and to gauge the level of management oversight that would be subsequently required.

[The word 'samurai' is derived from the ancient Japanese verb 'samorau', meaning 'to serve'.]

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