Little Red Book of Development Risks and Consequences
Risk Managers are looking for better ways to identify risks and their consequences. They want to identify them quickly, accurately and thoroughly.
This book contains the answers. It contains 151.5 Real World Development Risks and Consequences that Make Sense, Make you Risk Savvy and Save you Sleepless Nights.
This book provides the BEST ways in which to succeed in identifying project risks by encouraging Risk Managers to be systemic, persistent, and to keep things simple.
  Every major development risk and consequence you need to know is in this book.
  Risk conditions are listed and categorized in terms of
  1. Risks associated with Requirements
  2. Risks associated with Design, Code and Test
  3. Risks associated with the Development Environment
  4. Risks associated with the Development Framework
  5. Risks associated with Management
  6. Risks associated with Personnel
  7. Risks associated with External Constraints
  A set of questions that can be used to draw out each risk is also provided. Whether you want to create a questionnaire or conduct an interview to extract risks, you have all you need.

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