Risk Rating of Software Organizations and Software Projects
  A GRafP rating offers an independent opinion on the risk profile of the project or organization. The rating provides an easily identifiable symbol, which indicates the organization's ability to mitigate IT risks.
An IT risk rating provides an organization or its lenders, partners, suppliers and investors with an indication of the strength of the organization's ability to mitigate software risks jeopardizing its ability to deliver IT projects on time, within budget and with the required functionality.
As published by GRafP Technologies, a rating is an assessment of the probability that an IT initiative will be successful. The accompanying rating outlook also reflects the potential for change in the rating's present standing, as far as the elements of that potential can be estimated. In fact, the rating evaluates the present, reviews the past and considers the future.
  Those who can benefit from this service
      Lending institutions, for the purposes of financing start-up or established IT organizations
    IT organizations wishing to identify risks in a given project or set of projects (i.e. an organizational rating)
      IT organizations wishing to improve their chances of securing financing (from investors and lenders)
      IT organizations wishing to enhance their overall profile
  Information Technology Ratings

This rating provides an easily identifiable symbol, which indicates the level of risk of a particular project or organization. This symbol allows a project or organization to be judged on a single, objective standard. To be AAAIT is to be exclusive.

AAAIT Lowest Risk
AAIT Very Low Risk
AIT Low Risk
BBBIT Moderate Risk
BBIT High Risk
BIT Very High Risk
CIT Highest Risk
IT indicates these rating are Information Technologies ratings, and, therefore, should not be compared to other ratings such as investment fund ratings.
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