X:PRIME Assessor training (3 days)
This training will provide participants with the knowledge and practice required to conduct X:PRIME assessments (X is whatever area of activity you need it to be). Specifically recommended for Auditors, Assessors, Appraisers, Risk Managers, and Process Specialists planning to use the X:PRIMER Web-based application.
   To understand the X:PRIME assessment approach, which integrates process improvement with risk management
   To understand the detail of the Web-based extensive surveys used as part of X:PRIME assessments
   To conduct an assessment with the help of a case study
   To use the X:PRIMER Web-based application that allows you to analyze data collected during X:PRIME assessments

Who could benefit from this course?
   Risk Managers, Process Specialists/Groups
   Assessment team members and auditors
   Individuals involved in process and quality improvement programs
What are the benefits of this training?
You will be able to conduct X:PRIME assessments either within your organization or in a consulting capacity.
   The cost of audits, assessments, and appraisals can easily run between 15K and 60K CAN$. You will then be in a position to save as much if you conduct assessments internally, or else you will be able to benefit from these revenues in consulting mode.
   You will then be able to build up your own risk database as you accumulate the results associated with the assessments you have conducted.
   You will be able to generate capability profiles for the assessed sites.
   You will learn how to use X:PRIME to model business domains in order to assess risks associated with initiatives undertaken in these domains.
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