Size Measurement and Estimation Workshop
Two-day sessions (not necessarily consecutive) on measuring and estimating software size.

Sizing software is one of the most important aspects of software development and is critical to reaching higher CMMI maturity levels. Without appropriate sizing, different initiatives cannot be compared. It then becomes very difficult to quantify an organization's capability and to control quantitatively work performance.

The Size Measurement and Estimation Workshop provides participants with the knowledge and practice required to define an appropriate size measurement for their organization and to identify the best approach to estimate size. More specifically, the training objectives are:
   Understand the use of size measurements in a software initiative
   Understand the use of size in Statistical Process Control
     Learn different approaches to estimate size
   Discuss the most appropriate size measurement and approach to estimate size

Day 1 - First half of workshop

  1. Introduction
  2. Rationale of size estimation
    > Explanation of why size estimation is important in the CMMI.
  3. Examples of size measurements
    > Overview of measurements taken in other organization.
    > Examples of measurements repositories.
    > Types of repositories.
  4. Possible size estimation approaches
  5. Example
    > Walk through a typical organization not having size as a measurement, and explain how it would intuitively implement size estimation.

Day 2 - Second half of workshop

Discussion topics:

        > Size measurement that best fits the organization
        > The preferred method for estimating size in the organization
        > Size measurement collection
        > Other desirable measurements and their relationship to size
        > Ratios needed for estimation


Who could benefit from this course?
   Software managers and other individuals involved in developing project estimates
   Individuals involved in process and quality improvement programs
   Managers involved in software acquisition
   Software Quality Assurance personnel
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